Installation of glycol
cooling system

Finally, a system that fits
my needs

There are many good glycol cooling systems, but they all have the same issues: one compressor to support all of your equipment at a hair-raising starting cost.

Our product, entirely manufactured in Quebec, tackle both of these issues through the installation of a succession of smaller compressors that are redundant in case of failure. These smaller compressors are also much more cost-effective and versatile.

From 0 to 24,000 BTU/H, Ideal Taps has the solution at the best quality-price ration.


Our systems are modular, so you do not need to plan for more than what you actually need. You can go from a 13,500 BTU system to a 24,000 BTU one in less than 15 minutes without the intervention of a technician.

Many of our customers have mentioned they had lost a batch due to a cooling issue. Our philosophy favours the use of many compressors in line at the expense of a larger one. Why? When a compressor fails, the other ones will lessen the damage. It is the end of lost batches!

You will instantly see the benefits of working with a team of engineers for the fabrication of your cooling system. We design our tanks to fit the available space.
Get a notification when the temperatures are abnormal or there are adjustments to your antifreeze level.
Un technicien soudant des tuyaux en cuivre sur un système de refroidissement


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