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There are many good glycol cooling systems, but they all have the same issues: one compressor to support all of your equipment at a hair-raising starting cost.

Our product, entirely manufactured in Quebec, tackle both of these issues through the installation of a succession of smaller compressors that are redundant in case of failure. These smaller compressors are also much more cost-effective and versatile.

From 2,500 BTU/H to 55,500 BTU/H, one phase, two phases or three phases, Ideal Taps has the solution at the best quality-price ratio.


Systems developed by MCED Systems

MCED Systems has been manufacturing glycol cooling systems for the brewing industry since 2011. They produce nearly 1,500 chillers every year.

BTU/H calculator for microbreweries

This calculator aims to measure the maximum load that your system will reach. Assuming that all your tanks are full, please indicate the number of tanks that would be operational, at the same time, during the active fermentation, cold crash, and conditioning (BBT) phases.

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Calculateur BTU/HR pour microbrasserie

Total BTU/HR Nécessaire

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This calculator is only applicable for beer brewing systems. If you own a vineyard, a cider mill, a distillery, or if you are a producer of kombucha or cannabis, please complete the request form, and we will get back to you with the performance calculation.

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